Our lab attends multiple conferences each year where we are able to gather feedback on our current research, learn from the ideas of our peers, and form lasting friendships with scientists who have similar passions to our own.

Society for the Study of Reproduction

With members from 50 countries, the Society for the Study of Reproduction provides a wealth of research advancement in reproduction, fertility, and development of animals and humans.

Jaspreet Rishi SSR 2021
Jaspreet Rishi at SSR 2021: Obesity alters the ovarian DNA repair protein response to DMBA exposure.
Imaobong Inyang SSR 2021
Imaobong Inyang at SSR 2021: Biological sex dimorphism in hepatic response to in vitro dimethylbenz[a]anthracene exposure.
Gulnara Novbatova SSR 2021
Gulnara Novbatova at SSR 2021: Impact of chronic pre-conceptional glyphosate exposure on maternal and female offspring hepatic and ovarian proteome.
Kelsey Timme SSR 2021
Kelsey Timme at SSR 2021: Diet-induced obesity alters the ovarian response to a genotoxicant exposure.










Crystal Roach SSR 2021
Crystal Roach presenting at SSR 2021: Examining the effects of obesity on circulating prolactin, follicular development, and the ovarian proteome in hyperphagia-induced obese mice.









Society of Toxicology

The Society of Toxicology is comprised of scientists in industry, government, and academic institutions who study the effect of toxic chemicals on humans, animals, and the environment in order to create a healthier world.

Greenwald Symposium

The Gilbert S. Greenwald Symposium on Reproduction is hosted by The Institute for Reproduction and Perinatal Research at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  This conference is attended by animal reproduction researchers throughout the Midwest.

Estefania at Greenwald Symposium
Estefania at Greenwald Symposium
Bailey at SSR
Bailey at Society for the Study of Reproduction
Keating Lab Conference Posters
Keating Lab Symposium Posters