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Global Sustainability --- Spring 2021

Global Sustainability is cross-listed with Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Global Resource Systems, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering, and Sociology.
Spring 2021: team taught by Arne Hallam, Mark Bryden, and Richard Lesar.

The course will be online. Lectures will generally be asynchronous (posted on the Canvas). The class will sometimes meet synchronously during the scheduled MWF 11:00--11:50 time period.  Synchronous activities will include discussion sessions, help sessions, review sessions, group office hours, some evaluations and so on.  All synchronous sessions will be announced ahead of time via Canvas.  

This is the catalog description:
An introduction to the key global issues in sustainability. Focuses on interconnected roles of energy, materials, human resources, economics, and technology in building and maintaining sustainable systems. Applications discussed will include challenges in both the developed and developing world and will examine the role of technology in a resource-constrained world. Cannot be used for technical elective credit in any engineering

The learning objectives are as follows.

  • Develop a narrative framework to understand, communicate, and apply sustainability concepts.
  • Develop metrics to guide the evaluation of alternative approaches to achieve sustainability.
  • Identify the primary constraints on achieving a sustainable future.
  • Create a forward narrative for sustainability.