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Training Opportunities from Project AAIMS

Training Opportunities from Project AAIMS

Algebra Progress Monitoring: Practitioner Workshop

1 day – Designed for people who will be administering and scoring the Project AAIMS Algebra Progress Monitoring measures. We come to your site to deliver the workshop.
$1800 - up to 30 participants
$2200 - 31 to 60 participants
+ travel expenses

Algebra Progress Monitoring: Train-the-Trainer Session

½ day - Designed to follow the Practitioner Workshop to provide specialized training for those who will teach others to use the AAIMS measures.
$550 - up to 20 participants
+ travel expenses (usually this is one trip to provide 1.5 days of PD)

Sessions include:

Training in all three AAIMS measures: Algebra Basic Skills, Algebra Foundations, Algebra Content Analysis
All needed workshop materials (this is a hands-on session!), delivered to your site
All materials needed to implement algebra progress monitoring
1 hard copy set of masters (directions, probes, keys) for all three measures
Electronic copies of AAIMS masters for all participants
Authorization to duplicate and use the measures in perpetuity
Trainers are authorized to provide the Practitioner Workshop to other individuals in their district/agency.

Custom Options

We are happy to work with you to meet your professional development needs. Contact us to discuss additional options (e.g., a second Train-the-Trainer workshop during the trip, use of the measures in your own research).

Contact us: